Frequently Asked Questions.

Are PTT products are trusted for use?

PTT is state-owned oil and gas Company in Thailand founded in 1978.  PTT has invented and developed by PTT research and technology institute the best formula to serve their customers both for automotive and industrial sectors. PTT is the leader in launching products with highest quality and best value for money both in personal and commercial use. PTT Lubricants product line has successfully ventured into the markets of 25 countries around the world and aims to expand to 30 additional countries on becoming Regional Top Brand in ASEAN region. Search on Google and see how people rate about PTT Lubricants.

Is there any Ptt Lubricants product plant in Bangladesh?

Ptt has manufacture plans in Thailand and Mayanmar. All the products sold by Belmore Ltd. in Bangladesh are manufactured in Thailand and are imported and distributed to customers by Belmore Ltd.

What if some products available with similar can?

We recommend our users to tear the plastic can apart after use. We will take any responsibility if any non-brand products are sold in PTT used plastic can.

Is PTT CVT Gear Oil can be used in Toyota CVT gear box?

CVT is type of gear box system that included in latest cars, such as Toyota manufactured cars. Our Automat CVT is suitable for use in both belt–CVT and chain-CVT equipped passenger cars (please your car manufactures’ manual) such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, HONDA etc.  This product is is not recommended for E-CVT (CVT system in Hybrid cars), Toroidal CVT and should be used under the references to OEMs recommendations

Which products are suitable for your car?

Each type of engine is manufactured with unique technology and design. Hence engine oil has different characteristic. Obviously, you should use the right product for your engines. For example, petrol engine cars should use engine oil which designed for petrol engines, i.e. PTT Performa range. On the contrary, Dynamic range area suitable for diesel engines and motorcycles should use engine oil for motorcycle such as PTT Hi-Speed and PTT Challengers. Use of incorrect type of engine oil may affect serious problems to the engine.  Above all, you should check engine manufacturers’ manual for their recommendation.

Which brake oil should I use?

It should check car manufacturer manual before use, or you can go through engine oil generation to make your best guess.  (Links to engine oil generation)

Do I need to change oil engine right before me?

Yes, you should. If it’s your engine and it has got value to you, you should take a good care of it. If you use low and inappropriate quality oil in your engine, this doesn’t have immediate impact in its life. This is decrease life span of the engine in the long run.

Engine oils turned into Black is bad for use?

Generally, engine oil usually get darker because of internal combustion and mixing of dust into the engine oil. As long as viscosity grade of the oil remains same, colour of that is not a problem.

Is there any warranty?

We will warrant you if you use ptt Lubricants upon recommendation with our PTT Consultants from Thailand .

Is that stored properly so products won’t lose chemical bonding?

All products are stored according to international standard of petroleum storage.

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